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This place is really as good as it looks! Before we moved back to Eau Claire, I called my old friends to find the BEST preschool for my daughter. They said Noah's Ark, but I did my own research because...I figured they were biased. Well, maybe they were, but they were right!!! This week I've been blessed to substitute here (I'm a licensed teacher), and I've been blown away by how well this school is preparing children for kindergarten and a life of faith.

-Sandy Moszer


When we adopted our daughter from Ethiopia, we knew that we wanted her to attend preschool. However, we were challenged by the fact that she did not speak English. We were so thankful to find Noah's Ark. They gave her thoughtful care as she transitioned to life in our family in the United States. The language barrier was a non-issue for them. Since then, each of our children has attended Noah's Ark and we're so grateful for the excellent life lessons they have received there.

-Bill and Adrienne C.


All three of our children attended Noah's Ark. We love how Noah's Ark is able to incorporate faith into songs, playing and learning. Our three kids left Noah's Ark prepared for kindergarten, with a strong foundation for their faith, and as peacemakers. I love how three years later the kids can run into former classmates and play like it was yesterday at school. Noah's Ark is a truly special place.

-Christine H.


Noah's Ark is the best place for kids to learn life skills outside of their own home. Why else would I have sent my three kids there for eight years?  The teachers love your kids like they are their own. Amazing teachers! Learning how to be a "peacemaker" is number one - who doesn't need to learn how to be a great friend?  Noah's Ark was the best start to my children's educations.  I will be forever grateful. My heart is swelling with love for Noah's Ark. 

-Carrie B.


I have loved being a part of the Noah Ark’s Preschool Committee for the past three years.  It is just an amazing program, and I feel blessed that my children have been able to experience the program and develop all of those wonderful peace making skills that will serve them well throughout their lives.

-Valerie F.



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