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As an extension of the St. John's Bible Ministry (SJB), Trinity will establish a Collection of The St John’s Bible Illuminations. In a “Collection” the Illuminations can be located anywhere throughout the Chippewa Valley, whereas, a “Gallery” would have all the Illuminations located within the Trinity building. Space was a determining factor in favor of a Collection.

It is with joy that the newest addition to The Collection is announced. It is entitled “Fulfillment of Creation” and is presented in memory of Lee Markquart. The Illumination is located inside the main entrance to the Worship Center where most people line up to greet the Pastor following worship.

Key words from the Illumination include “Nothing in all creation can separate us from the love of Christ.” The entire text is located on pages 292–293 of “The Complete Guide to The Art of The SJB.” Copies of "The Guide" are available in the church library, the church office, and through the SJB Page Turners. If you have difficulty locating one, please let us know.

Lee was instrumental in helping bring The SJB to the Chippewa Valley and was a Society of Founders Member, as well as one of the “Men of Trinity,” who provided funding to bring The Heritage Edition to the Chippewa Valley in 2011. Lee also provided seven volume sets of The Library Editions for The Boys & Girls Club and Markquart Toyota Motors waiting room plus an Illumination entitled “Vision of the New Jerusalem” for the Dealership.

For more information regarding Illuminations for Trinity, feel free to contact Amber in Trinity Office at or 715.832.6601 ext 203.

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