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Who Does the Endowment
Trust Fund Help?

The Trust Fund helps people in practical ways so they experience God’s love and grow in being able to make a difference in the world. Through grants and scholarships, this fund extends the kingdom of God in tangible ways.

Why Should I Contribute?


Trust Fund Provides for Students

A recent grant of $2,500 was awarded to the Eau Claire School District Homeless Program to provide transportation for students who are homeless and living in temporary shelters outside of their school’s territory. This grant ensures that as children experience homelessness and have to move, they remain in the same school and experience some stability in their lives.

Sarah French, Executive Director of the Eau Claire Public Schools Foundation, writes:

"The Eau Claire Public Schools Foundation is so grateful for the support from Trinity Lutheran toward the Homeless Children & Youth Fund. These are our students who are in some of the greatest need, and the loyal, generous support from our community partners goes a long way in making sure these kids have what they need to be successful!

Please consider speaking with your attorney or estate planner to make a bequest in your will or estate plan. You also can provide current gifts and memorials to build the Trinity Endowment Fund. By making this decision you participate in its mission:  “To serve God's people in Christ's name by providing financial foundations to the ministries and missions of Trinity Lutheran Church for all generations.”

Grants  Awarded

The Endowment Trust Fund is comprised of a general fund (undesignated) and several designated funds including Named and Donor-Advised Funds which generate income each year. A portion of the earnings is available for grants awarded by the Board each May and November.


Grant applications may be made online and are due by May 1 and November 1.
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*To receive more information about a donor advised or named fund, please contact the Trinity office.