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A Guide to Planning

There are many ways to make a gift now or in the future to the Endowment Trust Fund.

Estate Plans and Will Designations

Include Trinity in Your Will
Just a few sentences in your will or trust are all that is needed. You can structure the bequest to leave a specific item or amount of money, or leave a percentage of your estate to us. If your estate is subject to estate tax, your gift is entitled to an estate tax charitable deduction for the gift's full value.

Sample bequest language for a will:
I hereby leave [percentage of estate/dollar amount/residue of estate/percentage of residue] of my estate/trust to the Trinity Endowment Trust Fund, Eau Claire, Wisconsin, to be used in such manner as the Foundation board of directors may elect/or placed in a specific designated fund.

Stock or Other Appreciated Assets

Gifts of securities (stocks, bonds) are a great way to support people through the mission of the Trinity Endowment Trust Fund.

Gifts of securities have an important impact on of the mission of the church right now. Donating long-term appreciated securities (those you have held for one year or longer) can be advantageous way for you to give. Here’s why:

1. Maximized gift Impact: The appreciated value of your securities will have a greater impact on the mission of Trinity’s trust fund than would a cash gift of the amount you originally paid for the securities.

2. Federal Tax Advantages: When you donate long-term appreciated securities to the Endowment Trust Fund, you will not incur any capital-gain tax on the securities’ appreciation in value. Plus, you can take a charitable income tax deduction of the securities’ full fair market value at the time of your gift. (This deduction is limited to 30 percent of your adjusted gross income. Excess may be carried over for five additional years.)

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*To receive more information about a donor advised or named fund, please contact the Trinity office.