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Members of Trinity may apply on their own behalf or the behalf of qualified organizations or groups within the congregation. Organizations may apply and must be classified as a charitable organization under Section 501(C)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code or another qualified 501(C)(3) organization must agree to serve as fiscal agent. A letter of agreement signed by both parties must accompany the proposal.


Applications must be submitted to Amber Moltzau, Office Administrator by May 1 or November 1. Application forms are available in the office or below, or print your own copy.

Trinity Lutheran Church Grant Application


Phone Number:






Amount Requested:

Is this a repeat request?



Is this a matching fund request?



Have you received a grant in the past?



Description of how the funds will be used:

Total budget of the project:

Are there any other funding sources?



If yes, briefly explain: (i.e. other grant sources, supporting subsidies ect...)

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Please Note: Although all grant requests will be considered, the Endowment Trust Board uses the following criteria in determining awards:

1. Use of Restricted Income is determined by statement of purpose of each restricted fund.

2. Unrestricted Income is applied in the following manner:

  1. To proclaim and propagate the Christian faith through Trinity Lutheran Church of Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

  2. To be applied to projects that may be of special concern to Trinity Lutheran Church of Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

  3. To provide for capital improvements to the property of Trinity Lutheran Church of Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

  4. To repay loans made by Trinity Lutheran Church of Eau Claire, Wisconsin.





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Featured Funds

Dorothy Sorlie and Jim Urness Fund

The Dorothy Sorlie
and Jim Urness Fund


Marlene and Dick Cable Family Fund

The Marlene and Dick Cable
Family Fund


Marti K. Nelson Family Fund

The Marti K. Nelson Family
Donor Advised Fund


Reverend Kurt Jacobsen Fund

The Rev. Kurt
Jacobson Fund


Gerald and Helen Amundson  Fund

The Gerald & Helen
Amundson Fund


Ron Retzlaff  Fund

The Trinity Fund
for Service and Education
in Memory of Ron Retzlaff

*To receive more information about a donor advised or named fund, please contact the Trinity office.