Serving in Christ's Love and Sharing the Good News

Children, Youth, and Family (CYF) Ministries

The goal of Trinity’s Children, Youth & Family Ministries is for young people and their families to love God, themselves, and others, and be able to positively live out Christ’s presence in their lives. We want them to know, because of Christ, they are LOVED, they BELONG, and they have GIFTS TO SHARE.

The church is a living partnership between the ministry of the congregation and the ministry of the home. Faith is formed by the power of the Holy Spirit through personal, trusted relationships, especially the relationship between a parent/guardian and child.

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Children's Ministries (Birth-Grade 5)

Youth Ministries (Grade 6-12)

Noah's Ark Preschool (Ages 3-5)


Children, Youth & Family Ministries Values

We want young people and their families to know they are loved unconditionally, they belong, and they have gifts to share. We seek to create an environment in which young people feel safe to be who they are, express their creativity, and ask honest questions.   

Relationships are the vehicle by which faith is passed on. Trinity is committed to facilitating life-giving relationships between young people and “Triple A” adults (Authentic, Affirming, and Available), connecting parents to the community of faith, and partnering with families toward intentional faith development at home.
Spiritual Practices
The Spirit is alive and active in the lives of children and youth.  Trinity encourages young people to not only participate in worship, but to also take on leadership roles. We are committed to teaching ways of praying, engaging scripture, and using music to help youth actively experience God in their lives.
God, who is first generous with us, frees us so that our lives can be marked by radical generosity. Through consistent service learning, Trinity teaches our young people to serve in Christ’s love and share the good news through being good stewards of their gifts for the sake of the world.       
Whole Church Connection
The people of God are called to pass on faith to the next generation. Trinity believes every person, regardless of age, is a Children, Youth & Family minister. Because of this, Trinity encourages everyone to pray for and be involved in Children, Youth & Family activities.


CYF Ministry Team

Sara Reed, Children's Ministries Director

Ashley Olson, Youth Ministries Director

Marlee Knickerbocker, Noah's Ark Preschool Director and Early Childhood Enrichment Coordinator

Pastor Tom Westcott, Associate Pastor of CYF

Heather Day, CYF Ministry Assistant